Lever device for spanning medieval crossbows


  Is it possible to save power using a lever device for spanning a crossbow? And is it even faster to span crossbows with it? How do one have to construct a lever device to have it efficient and useful?

You will find answers to these and other questions within BINSY's.

The results of this trial show that it is possible to span even a heavy crossbow within some seconds. By using such a device one can increase the shoot freqency a lot and with less power than with a belt claw. Of course such a lever device is useful only for stationary application - it is to heavy for a mobile use. But for the defense of fortifications it could be a help.

The complete text about use and construction you can get by BINSY .... (in German only - but with many photos)

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A report regarding lever device can be found in the just published magazine of Jahrblatt der Interessengemeinschaft Historische Armbrust 2012.


ISBN 9 783 848223 732

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